Ava 1.0 — 24/7 accessibility for deaf/hearing conversations

Wow. Thank you for your whole hearted commitment and dedication to building this.

Products like this make my heart sing.

In addition to the specific need for and current product purpose I’d like to comment in general on the framing of disability, accessibility, impairment in product design.

The promise of designing and building for everyone is that solutions that lift someone with a disability or impairment can be repurposed to augment and enhance another person or dropped into other situations. Anyone who has worked with remote teams will see the utility of this capability to enhance communication on a Skype, Hangouts for a morning standup or companywide update for geographically distributed teams for speaker identification and to increase the transmission of meaning and understanding between different cultures.

I see the possibility to design products with a spectrum, a gradient of enhancement that can be personalised and turned up/down for all people.

From accessibly > to universal enhancement. For all.

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