What does it mean to be an Artist?

Why do the most part of people think that an artist is only someone who with the help of lines and colors is creating an adorable painting? “Artist” is just a term to describe a certain type of people, people who create art.

If you’re creating art than you’re an artist.

At the first year of high school I had a math teacher who was very special, who has inspired me a lot and has had a big influence on me becoming the person I’m now. It’s because of him that I realized what it means to be an Artist.

He is now about 50 years old and did grow up in a village. Let’s call him Mr. Nash. The math teacher of Mr. Nash at that time was an untalented old man, who wasn’t able to solve most of the difficult problems in their textbook and he was never accepting the solutions that Mr. Nash was writing. Mr. Nash was way more talented than his teacher, that’s way the teacher didn’t like him and wasn’t helping Mr. Nash to learn more and get better. So knowing that he can’t learn anything from he’s teacher, Mr. Nash subscribed to a math magazine where there where many difficult and unusual math problems and the solutions of that problems were coming every week in the next number of the magazine. Every week he would receive that magazine, sit down till late night trying and trying to solve the problems, to than impatiently wait to receive the next number to compare the answers and solutions. All he has learned in his young age, was either from the one textbook he had, or by studying the solutions written in that magazine. I’ve changed my mind, let’s now call him Mr. Ramanujan. So what I’m trying to describe is the love and passion that this man has to math.

Once while we where talking about life, what were mostly doing when we were done with solving problems, he said “There’s only one thing that I ever wanted in life, to know that my family will always be financially secure, to have a dark room with one lamp, an unlimited amount of paper and a pen that will never stop writing”.

I think it was my very first day at high school and in his class, we all were kind of shocked because when he was solving problems he was talking unbelievably fast, but at the and of solving a hard problem he said a phrase that changed a lot in me, I’ve never heard that from any other teacher before, ha said “Look how beautiful this solution is”. And what he said was exactly what I saw when looking at the blackboard. It was beauty, I felt a deep satisfaction when I was looking at it. Everything was perfectly fitting in each other.

This man, who wasn’t a painter, actor or musician created something that made me, a total stranger physically feel the beauty of math.

That’s all what it means to be an artist. To be in love with the one thing you do, to do it no matter what will happen, to do it for yourself, to feel the instantaneous happiness of creating and to make others feel the same.

If you love what you do, than you’re an Artist.