Out of the Cave

“And if someone even forced him to look into the glare of the fire, would his eyes not hurt him, and would he not then turn away and flee [back] to that which he is capable of looking at? And would he not decide that [what he could see before without any help] was in fact clearer than what was now being shown to him?” (The Allegory of The Cave by Plato)

Have you ever wondered what holds you back in the darkness? What confines have put weight upon your shoulders and chains around your ankles? Could it be, that the fresh kiss of light beyond the smooth gray walls offers something more? Historically, our interconnectedness has never been so powerful, yet families and friends have also never been so distant and chronically distracted. It is our responsibility to mold this new technological environment to the needs and pursuits of intellectual and spiritual advancement. Cave Talk is a writing project dedicated to this sole effort. We have begun our blog to identify and discuss the “cave” which defines and confines modern society. In the process we hope to engage and create meaningful dialogue with individuals who are on the same journey. We welcome all emails and comments.

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