There is no person that doesn’t know how Turkish people struggle under tyrants standing on their destructive government. Nowadays when you hear the name “Turkey” you immediately think of a dark prison where insects called “agents” harass simple children of the country — this is the situation Abdulhamid’s absolute rule turned Turkey into.

In order to escape this despotic rule, different ethnicities in Turkey had to think about achieving independence they lost at first. [Ethnicity of] Turks who are considered as masters of Turkey had to struggle with these “enemies” and “rebels”, commit massacres and oppression. Turkish citizens who were…

On behalf of #WordsNotSwords initiative, I release the signatories from all over the world, part of both communities abroad. Thank you, all!

1. Afat Aliyev, Baton Rouge

2. Agil Ahmadov, Dortmund

3. Alan Semerdjian, New York

4. Ali Safarli, Antalya

5. Altay Goyushov, Berlin

6. Altun Zeynalov, Los Angeles

7. Anahid Matossian, Kentucky

8. Anaïs Chagankerian, Paris

9. Ani Alexandrian, California

10. Ani Poghosyan, Tashkent

11. Anne Demirjian, Toronto

12. Aram Ghazaryan, Lille

13. Arif Yunus, Leiden

14. Armen Hovhannes, San Francisco

15. Armine Ishkhanian, London

16. Armine Karapetyan, Dalian (PRC)

17. Astrid Avédissian, Paris

18. Atabay Aghalarbayli, Budapest.


Rasulzadeh before 1940s, colored by artist: Rasul Hasan

Armenians of Iran are considered most civilized of all Iranians. These folk live here like an European nation. While whole country suffers from lack of schools and drowning in ignorance, this nation have their own schools and learn every type of subjects.

Iran is a strangely chaotic and feudal, therefore it is a country with no law and unlovable because of tyranny and injustice — despite that Armenians lived in Iran quite well and free. They have not suffered from Iranian despotism and fared well.

Iranian khans, landowners and strongmen always poured their hate and tyranny on Muslim folk while…

In America,the country that raises the most voices for peace and brotherhood, blacks are also lynched, so which one should we believe?

Ahmet Ağaoğlu

Telegraph just brought the news of a black getting lynched in New York, once again.

What a strange country the United States is! It is a land of surprises and contrasts definitely. Highest and populous humanitarian organizations are usually founded there. Most great sacrifices for science are also made there. Every year thousands of American women and men go to other countries to spread information and truth. Lots of resources are spend to make them live abroad.


Topchubashov in Paris

It fell on my lot to present the New Year’s issue with an overview of Caucasian life over the past year. But readers know what a difficult and thankless task it is. Not to mention that in general any “review” in which it is necessary to “abbreviatedly” repeat what has already been said has such properties, the “Review of Caucasian life” has its own specific difficulties that take away any desire to take it.

First of all, it is unsafe to interpret the phenomena of fresh, still unfinished, ongoing nature. And then we must not forget that these phenomena did…

M.A.Rasulzade in his youth

Recently it came to many people’s attention about a tribe in Kurdistan called ‘Yazidi’ from news about new war against Turks on Caucasus border. According to Tbilisi newspapers, those Yazidis appealed to Russian military to enlist in their battles against Turks.

Although it might not be best time to occupy newspaper columns with ethnographical articles, we believe it’s not awkward to talk about this tribe since they are related to current war. Besides, this secret sect’s teachings is also of interest to many of our readers.

Yazidi is a tribe located in Kurdistan. According to “Qamus-al Alam” they are near…

Shahtakhtinski among Central Asian members of Second Duma (standing, left)

Until recently, the Transcaucasian Mohammedan population was called “Muslim” in Russian, meaning not religious people at all, but the Turkic-speaking population of Russian Transcaucasia. A similar naming of a nation after its religion was borrowed by the Russians from the Transcaucasian Mohammedans themselves, who still call their nation and their language only “Muslims”, having sacrificed the concept of language in favor of the concept of religion. The Transcaucasian Mohammedan does not give another answer to the questions of what nationality and what language he speaks, except that he “is Muslim” and “speaks Muslim”. …

Cavid Ağa ☠

Writing for @OCMediaorg & @AbzasMedia / Founder of @susmacom / Egoanarchism / Obsessed with Ilkhanate / If we are arguing, you are probably wrong

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