Coding elegant solutions is only the start…follow these tips for career-enhancing success

Developer surrounded by stakeholders telling him what they want
Developer surrounded by stakeholders telling him what they want
Developers have several key stakeholders, all with their own driving factors (Image created by S. Cavill)

You live and breathe code. Armed with a keyboard and IDE, you can craft solutions to the most complicated of problems. Gone are the days however where a Developer’s effectiveness within the workplace is measured solely by the lines of codes they write. 21st-century businesses value technically capable individuals that can complement a cross-functional team’s ability.

The Agile Manifesto teaches us that collaboration and interaction with our extended teams is key to successful delivery. Therefore, knowing what drives your stakeholders and how to add value to your interactions with them is beneficial for all involved.

To name but a few…

A drawing of a graph showing an steady increase
A drawing of a graph showing an steady increase
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An old adage states, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”, and nothing could be truer when it comes to boosting a team’s productivity

Companies are on the hunt for the secret to productivity — the art of increasing the amount of useful outputs from quantifiable inputs. The world of software development is one of which where countless leaders seeking this Holy Grail. Unfortunately, they either fall short trying or lay one hand upon it to realise it doesn’t resemble what they’d originally set out to find.

I too am still looking to unlock the secrets of productivity but what I have learnt so far is that there is no silver bullet or shortcuts to achieve it.

I’ve come to believe that enhancing productivity…

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People leaders take all shapes and forms. However, regardless of the differing factors; gender, ethnicity, sexuality or even job title, effective leaders demonstrate very similar behaviours. Putting aside their expertise in whatever area they specialise in, they all tend to exhibit attributes such as being:

Honest — The integrity and credibility of a leader’s actions can divide the opinions of their potential followers. …


Using wartime strategy to control your number one competitor’s actions

Propaganda driving product development

War! What is it good for?”, sings Edwin Starr in his popular 1970’s song. He goes on to answer his own question with, “Absolutely nothing!”. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the answer is as simple as Edwin wishes us to believe.

In this article, I’d like to explore how an aspect of wartime strategy could be used to boost modern-day product innovation. I refer to this approach as Propaganda Driven Development (PDD).

I conclude by introducing you to the first tool within the PDD toolbox — a new concept I call the Nemesis Product.

It’s easier to predict the future when…

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People have their own lucky rituals that they believe deliver desired outcomes. How do you handle this behavior in the workplace though?

You’re a few weeks into your new job and things are going well. The new colleagues are a pleasure to work with and everyone is aligned in reaching a mutual goal. However, the more you settle into the day-to-day goings-on, you realise a few things just aren’t making sense. Certain processes and actions that are being conducted that are either riddled with workarounds or seemingly defy all logic. …

There are many words in the English language that are used interchangeably within everyday dialogue. Terms that the English dictionary give distinguishable meanings to but during colloquial conversation, we find ourselves muddling our words without realising it. Fortunately, most of the time, it doesn’t matter. People accept that mistakes are made and we aren’t forced to constantly question ourselves.

“Is it much further…sorry, farther to the beach?”

“When we get to the beach, shall we lay on the sand or lie on the sand?”

“It may be a good day….no, no….it

How taking time to momentarily stop can boost employee morale and delivery

The business world is whirring at 100mph and every minute of the working day counts. Failure to spend these moments wisely can see deadlines being missed, stakeholders becoming disgruntled and in worst-case scenarios, businesses going under. It’s survival of the fittest and with these elements of fear at play, it’s understandable to see why people resort to “just get stuff done” mode. However productive this approach may be perceived, leaders shouldn’t underestimate the power of a well-timed pause…

Pause…to invite time to think

In Graham Allcott’s best-selling book, How to be a Productivity Ninja, he describes the two mindsets that are at play when someone…

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Agile leader with a passion for getting the best out of humans in this technology-driven world. All views are that of my own

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