Certain symbols TRANSCEND encryption.

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An amateur radio operator, Grote Reber, was one of the pioneers of what became known as radio astronomy. He built the first parabolic “dish” radio telescope, a 9 metres (30 ft) in diameter) in his back yard in Wheaton, Illinois in 1937.

What scientists who study the stars forget: What’s the difference between “noise cancellation” and “ monitoring” and “redirecting” that “monitored data”?

Clear channeling is based on the physics concept of “bouncing” radio waves off the ionosphere. The military application for building a distributed “ear” or listening device is to catch all of the “bounces”; especially at night when the sun doesn’t interfere (cause noise) on the signal. With clear channeling, you provide an massive amount of RF to Beijing, Japan, or anywhere else on Earth that you want to.

The electrical grid monitors EVERYTHING. EVERY signal goes to Echelen/Cascades. EVERY single signal.

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