4–5–17 5:ll AM

The “Evolution” of torture, the “evolution” of Debt Collection, the “evolution” of Psy-ops and psychological manipulation via synthetic telepathy. The evolution of Debtors Prison.

I read the most disturbing article yesterday about how the big players in California are all goo-goo gah-gah over a behavioral conditioning mechanism for sale from a contractor from Britain. Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s been evolving since 1900. The military just doesn’t want the public blow back.

Here is the part you morons are missing. The slippery slope. Elon Musk gets it. Zuckerberg is on cloud 9. He also hasn’t endured 17 months of exposure to the psychotic mind-fi weapon the military developed. Let me give you a conceptual example of what it’s like. Keep in mind, there are some things YOU CAN NOT imagine how horrible they are.

Simple evolution: The (Mind Prison) become a (Gorthian Death Slug) become like Clive Barkers Hellraiser inside your skull.

Infractions: Every day every person on planet Earth is responsible for “transgressions” against the law.

Ex. speeding: 1 mph over the speed limit for 10 ft, 2 mph over for 100 ft, 5 mph over for 100 yds, etc. Your car knows via GPS and that little black box used to collect accident data. Your phone knows via the accelerometer. And that means the State knows as well as a host of corporations. Meaning you can always be prosecuted. There is no direct feedback. But if the system chose to, you would just rack up debt.

Ex. 2 HIPPA: “Did you hear about Mrs. So and SO?” “No, what happened?” “Oh, sweetheart, she has AIDS, Syphilis, gout, and she just had surgery.” “You don’t say?!?!” (HIPAA violation — a law so vague no one knows how to interpret it.)

The mafia used to collect debts by breaking your knee caps. Then they retired to Hollywood. Now it’s WAY easier to collect that $35 you owe for your last phone bill with a little “bump” from the psychotic mind prison you idiots are creating.