5–5–17 Tesseract

That little voice in my head kept mentioning a Tesseract. (Yeah, some moron with a labcoat, a big ego, an overinflated paycheck, and a lack of imagination diagnosed me with schizophrenia. Whatever. If Moses had a diagnoses today it would be the same thing. I won’t get started on the military cover up of “voices” or the use of them over the last 120 years.) I looked up what a tesseract is defined as. It’s a 4 dimensional visualization of a cube or hypercube. It’s also the shape of the crystal I am looking for. Ideally, the hull of a spacecraft is made of a molecule that traps another molecule, so when energy is added to it, it floats. I have been researching possible variants of titanium that would be useful for this purpose. I have a feeling that there is a combination of particles that either reverse, or adapt to pressure differences.

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