The Mystery of the Crystal Cowboys

Sol Amen worked for the stinkiest chiropractor in the galaxy — Dr. Zevil Knievel- the owner of Natural Healing Farts. Sol Amen learned a great deal about how the world functioned while working for this encrypted Hebrewtologist. The most important being the history of the Crystal Cowboys.

Clues in uncovering the mystery of the Crystal Cowboys:

The Dalai Llama was paid $100,000/year by the CIA and was “escorted” out of China by U.S. Special Forces.

Zevil Knievel was able to travel from China to the United States through multiple airports with ACTIVE Avian Flu DURING an outbreak.

Zevil Knievel seemed to know EVERYONE, including Donald Drumpf, long before he took office.

Zevil Knievel is good friends with Fuzzy Guzzy — a master hypnotist who worked for both the Mafia AND the CIA.

Fuzzy Guzzy validated what Mark Divine stated in his podcast, “You can kill someone remotely via hypnosis.”

The Devil’s Brigade was formed from a combination of Canadian and US ne’er do wells.

Marconi developed the radio in the late 1800’s — actual date still unknown.

Zevil Knievel’s father owns a dental practice and studied in Canada.

John von Neumann and Meyer Lansky seem to be connected to EVERYTHING.

The Rockafella’s have their own private security force — the M.Y.P.D.

Palantir controls “Gotham” city(s).

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.