Conversion rates are significantly higher in store than online. Online my conversion rate (like many other stores) hovers at 1%. In store it’s closer to 30%. If 10 people walk into my store at least 3 of them end up buying somether. Online, if 10 people visit my shop only 0.1 of those people buy anything. You see my problem?
Ecommerce lies that I wish were true
Nic Haralambous

True. But, have you assumed that the act of “walking into the store” is equivalent to the act of “clicking through to the website?”

Walking into the store requires you to physically deviate from your current path (or drive there purposefully) and expend energy navigating and looking around, greeting a salesperson and telling them you’re just looking, and considering whether to purchase something “because I’m here now and I won’t be back here until next month.”

Your online store on the other hand is just a click away. “Hmm this looks interesting… click.” It’s cheaper and easier to push people into your online store. You can reach people at scale.

But that obviously means less qualified leads, which is why the conversion is only 1%.

For example, I have been to your site to see what’s on offer because it looked interesting, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go into your real store. I had the same chance of converting in both instances, yet I was only included in one metric.

Therefore I think it’s unfair to compare the two because walking into a real world store is a far more qualified lead than one who simply clicks through to your site from a piece of content or an ad… they just tapped the screen.

Great post by the way.

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