Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Using a Cryptocurrency Creation Platform and Why Project Coin (PRJ) is Your Best Solution to It

How often do you dream of creating your very own coins but are confused about how to start? At the very first phase, you might realize that you are not an expert coder but have been a keen armchair of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and every other increasingly good cryptocurrency, then you might be wondering if it is possibly feasible to create your own cryptocurrency.

The answer is definitely YES. However, sometimes you must be apprehensive about some technical and even non-technical matters at the very first step on the process of building your own coins. Nowadays, people might think that building a coin is as easy as pie. In fact, it needs some significant and serious care to the coin before you dive in and promote it publicly. Therefore, Project Coin (PRJ) is coming to you as a saviour of your fear, as an easiest and trustworthy personal support companion for your own cryptocurrency.

The very idea behind cryptocurrency is that the underlying code is accessible to everyone-but that does not mean it is easy to understand. Then, Project Coin exist to show and guide you the paths to creating your very own coins and tokens.

Project Coin aims to support all new cryptocurrencies that have an obvious, plausible, long-term plan, white paper and a solid team. For the first time and forever, your dream of launching your very own cryptocurrency could be realized effortlessly. However, maintaining the active and vibrant community needed for coin survival is another matter. You must have a feasible and achievable plan of what your currency will be used for, a whitepaper to explain your coin’s functions and specifications. You also need an amazing roadmap to show potential investors the direction your coin is going and the timelines in which you intend to reach each milestone.

Since coins are on their own blockchains, you will have to either build a blockchain or take an existing one and modify it for your new coin. Accordingly, you need to build your own blockchain or fork an existing one, and surely they require quite a bit of technical knowledge- or the help of a savvy developer. Again, the PRJ is your best saviour in this matter.

Project Coin provides you with services for source code, compilation of wallets, wallet updates and chain forks. If you planning to start your new project then you need to have:

- A team of at least 3 people

- A wallet structure

- Website, Roadmap & Whitepaper

- PRJ / BTC to increase PRJ market prices

Projectcoin provides their clients with the appropriate source code they need to develop their own coins. Project Coin introduce their own coin PRJ, that makes use of the most advanced technology to gain the trust and loyalty of this currency users. Platform only accepting compensation from the PRJ currency.

Network applications that can invent ways of perceiving our financial transactions. There are many men and women who have innovative ideas, but there are no technical to translate their ideas into reality. If you have an idea but do not have technical expertise, this will not be a problem anymore. With Project Coin, you will have everything you need to make your currency real by providing you with everything source code that you need to do.

The coin developed a high-performance cryptocurrency, exactly named Project Coin (PRJ). Payments for the services will be PRJ Coin, which allows you to use all projects’ services with closely monitor the quality and reputation of the currency and community. There will be 500.000 coins in premine. Total supply is 21.000.000 coins. Block space is 60 seconds.

Premine allocation will be used accordingly to accommodate all project needs and strong development plan with 20% on stand-by for unforseen emergency scenarios the community of Project Coin are aware of the challenges associated with cryptocurrencies. team has in-depth knowledge, expertise & experience in the technology that underpins the blockchain. constantly track the trends in this market and are up to date on every new concept and protocol in this alternative sphere. Pojectcoin provides the best technological solutions to any issues that you may encounter when introducing your coin.

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