3 Awful Morning Routines that Keep People Average

“If you win the morning, you win the day” — Tim Ferriss

In Today’s Article You’ll Learn:

  • 3 Awful Morning Routines Most People Use
  • How those Routines Destroy Your Day, and Are Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals
  • The Best Alternatives that Support Your Success and Your Core Compass of Truth

We’ve all been there before.

You hit snooze one too many times.

You roll out of bed eventually, feeling like perhaps you’re in another dimension entirely, and stagger to the shower.

Before you even realize it you have all of 15 minutes to finish getting ready. And if your hair is anything like mine, that’s a laughable amount of time to get anything done, and you’re probably better off just calling and quitting your job.

But of course we don’t do that, so we rush around, hair-a-mess, remembering the coffee, but forgetting the breakfast (and lunch), and then it’s into the car we go.

The rest of the day feels like you’re rushing from one dumpster-fire-emergency to the next, and did you remember to eat? No, but COFFEE.

Then you feel like garbage, you’re stressed out, hyper-caffeinated on an empty stomach, and forget about hydrating (who has time for THAT?!).

Your phone won’t stop ringing, and the bad-news-emails just keep coming in, and you wonder what the weather is like in Bermuda this time of year and does Bermuda have WiFi because if not, LET’S DEFINITELY GO THERE.

And then it’s 5pm, and you feel like you haven’t accomplished much, but you’re so ragged that you can’t even think about doing more than grabbing the Ben-N-Jerry’s and gluing yourself to the couch.

And around-n-around it goes.

We’ve all felt this kind of day before. Where you start off on the wrong foot and suddenly the day is a disaster before your lunch break.

I guess this is where they get that saying “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

Except with a morning like that, you could have woken up in cloud with George Clooney singing to you in a 3-piece suit and you still would’ve felt like you were putting out dumpster fires all day.

Here’s the thing: when you wake up frazzled and behind, your whole day reflects that. It’s incredibly hard to save your day when you’ve started it out rushed and emotionally reactive.

Which is why I’m such a freak about morning routines.

Before it was cool to get 8 hours of sleep a night and wake up at 5am, I was doing it and catching all the shit for it. When I would ditch out on weeknight parties that started after my bedtime, I would frequently get this as a reply: 👵

People are stunned when I tell them I wake up at 5am.

But those people also tend to be the ones who are still spinning their wheels trying to get their life sorted out, or are so emotionally reactive to their life that it seems like the whole world is out to get them. Or they’re just coasting through, living out the scripts other people and the world have written for them.

Whereas I’m making headway and progress in my life, I’m living with purpose and responsibility. No one is writing my script but me.

So, basically you can tell me how you’re spending your morning and I bet I can predict how you’re doing with accomplishing your goals, or living on purpose.

If you want to coast through life, that’s one thing, your morning routine isn’t going to change that. But I can’t imagine you’d be reading this article right now if that was your goal.

I believe whole-heartedly that your morning routine can change your life. Don’t believe me?

I’ve made an argument against all the alternative ways people spend their morning. If any of these sound like you, we need to talk.

1. The Snoozer

Symptoms of snoozing: unmotivated, lethargic, grumpy, no follow-through

I’m looking at you, with your 5 alarms set, 20 minutes apart from each other. The “slow” waker-uper.

Wake up call (hehehe): Researchers say that hitting snooze doesn’t make you any more rested, and in fact, it can make it even more difficult to wake up.

You’re training your brain and body to go back to sleep when your alarm sounds, making it significantly more difficult to feel awake when it does.

Because the quality of sleep you get when you’re “snoozing” is poor, if you’re spending an hour or more hitting snooze, it’s better to just get an hour of undisturbed sleep. Then, when your alarm sounds, you’ll wake up ready to start your day, feeling rested.

The alternative to snoozing is obvious: set your alarm to the time you intend to get out of bed.

The plus side to getting out of bed the first time your alarm sounds, is that you wake up feeling more rested and ready to start your day. We all know how it feels to try and be productive when we’re tired — it’s as effective as chewing gum while you’re snacking on popcorn, and almost as unbearable.

But when you train your body and brain to wake up when your alarm goes off, instead of training it to go back to sleep, like snoozing does, you give yourself a head start into being more productive and feeling refreshed.

And if I could choose, I’d pick waking up refreshed over feeling like I’m in another dimension any day.

2. The Scroller

Symptoms of scrolling: emotionally reactive, feels like everyone is out to get them, constant worry, constant comparison, feels like they have to play catch-up to others

This is for my people who open Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, email, or the news apps on their phone as soon as they wake up.

When I stopped waking up and scrolling, and I stayed off social media throughout the day, my life changed.

Here’s why: when you get on social media you are opening yourself up to the opinions and agendas of everyone and their dog (literally — oh hey, Loki!). Without knowing it, this triggers your emotional reactions and your ego.

Your ego is that thing that is constantly judging, belittling, and arguing in your mind (“ugh why couldn’t my dog be famous, that was such a good idea, I’m just not smart enough to build a business around my dog”).

When your ego gets going, uninhibited, it ends up writing the script for how your day and your reactions are going to go.

You aren’t making decisions from a place of truth and authenticity when you’re constantly scrolling through everyone else’s opinions, and lifestyle all day. You aren’t living your life from your core compass of truth when your perception is being muddied by everyone else.

The alternative to scrolling is spending that time creating or getting rooted Spend that time:

  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Taking photos
  • Cooking
  • Or doing anything that brings you creative satisfaction.

Or, spend that time getting rooted in your truth through:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Moving meditation (aka: yoga, running, biking, swimming, etc.)
  • Reading a personal growth book
  • Or anything that helps you feel grounded, on course, and energetic.

3. The Rusher

Symptoms of rushing: overstressed, overworked, unfocused, edgy, bad at setting personal boundaries

I couldn’t forget my wake-up-20-minutes-before-you-have-to-leave people. I see you, putting on your mascara at the red light, hair in a pony tail, dry-shampoo in the passenger seat.

I know what’s up (except for the dry-shampoo thing, because if I don’t shower my hair is a literal curly rats nest on top of my head).

When you start your day a rushed mess, you’re not loving yourself. Period. When you’re rushing, I can bet you’re not making yourself a healthy breakfast, and I know you’re not packing a lunch.

You’re surviving off smoothies, energy bars and cold brew. OR, you’re surviving off snack machine munchies and office coffee, which is even worse.

Basically, when you’re rushing around, you’re not giving yourself time to do things that we know are good for our health:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Fixing yourself a lunch at home
  • Exercising
  • Meditating, journaling or prayer

Not to mention, when you’re rushed, your stress skyrockets, which in turn increases the hormone cortisol — aka, the stress hormone.

When you’re chronically stressed, which can happen if you’re constantly feeling rushed and worried you’re going to be late, cortisol can be dangerous:

  • It speeds up the aging process
  • It decreases the bodies ability to fight disease, especially age-related diseases
  • It can make you gain weight

Not only that, when you’re in a constant rushed state, you’re probably going to be significantly more emotional reactive to things because you’re already feeling overwhelmed.

The alternative to being rushed is giving yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Which means waking up earlier and not snoozing through your alarm.

Then, instead of spending that time scrolling on social media or checking the news, you can fix breakfast, get ready for the day, fix yourself lunch, exercise and meditate.

It’s basically the recipe for an ideal morning, where you’re running your day, writing your own life script, and living on purpose.


You’re habits and routines — especially your morning routine — either support or pull your away from achieving your goals and your best life.

Let me repeat that because it’s so important: Your habits and routines are either supporting the achievement of your goals, or keeping you from them.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you”
— Leonardo DiCaprio

If your morning routine isn’t on point, it’s going to take you significantly longer to achieve your goals, if you’re ever able to accomplish them in the first place.

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