How I Met Gender Stereotypes
Matt Totaro

First, I JUST finished the entire show for my second time so I am a big fan of HIMYM. Your observations are right on point with these characters and their behaviors. I think it’s something to consider that the fact that these characters are SO stereotyped may be a reason the show is/was so popular. There’s something very entertaining about watching outrageous and extreme personalities interact with each other.

At the end of your article, you began discussing how women aren’t seen much in the workplace. It’s interesting to note how Robin was the one woman character who would not give up her job or anything related to a job promotion for anything. Then for this quality of hers to essentially be shown as “bad” and a “hassle” in certain social and romantic situations.

Also, I think Marshall was one of the characters who might have gone against the male stereotype the most. He’s shown crying and emotionally distraught the most. His emotions lead to him getting walked on and ignored at several of his workplaces.

Awesome piece Matt!