How Millennials Faked the Food Movement
Eve Turow Paul

I have a lot of thoughts on this article, but my most important is this: banning antibiotic use in food animals and humane live stock farming are incompatible causes! Farm animals get infections that are painful and sometimes life threatening! Even if you could somehow magically keep barns spotless, there would still be animals who get infections, and they need to be treated with antibiotics. And those animals, once their bodies have metabolized the drug, will still be safe to eat. The problem with antibiotic use in food animal production isn’t the use period, it’s overuse. With better knowledge, education of farmers and vets, and restrictions on their use, we will only use antibiotics when necessary and prevent further antibiotic resistance. Please please PLEASE amend this article and say “reduce” instead of “ban,” there is enough fear mongering and misinformation regarding antibiotic use already!

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