Self Love in abundance

I’ve learned many lessons in life, some that impacted me in a way to simply learn right from wrong and others that I carry day to day with me as a personal reminder. The most significant lesson I have learned and is still learning is the lesson of self love.

Many of us cradle ourselves into the arms and wrath of the others, searching for love. Searching to be loved in such a significant way. But why is that? Truth is, it’s because we are lacking that love for ourselves, from ourselves. We have built up an exterior of who we see ourselves as; unworthy, not good enough, broken, damaged, etc. We have allowed the opinion of others as well as broken relationships to implant these negative thoughts and feelings into our minds about ourselves. We subconsciously ridicule and tear ourselves down leaving us with a mental image of negativity towards our own self. There’s no love in that.

To grow each day we have to learn how to love ourselves. Accept our flaws and seek out the positives of who we are and all the great attributes we bear that makes us who we are. Once you can learn to find peace with yourself and find a place of loving you for you, you will no longer find a need to be loved by others. The love you once sought out will be filled from the love you give yourself. Someone else’s love should only be an enhancement to you. Don’t rely on others for love you can give yourself. Going out and searching for love is a very easy way to lose yourself and lose a relationship. You set your expectations up to be loved that when that fails to happen the self guilt and ridicule comes into play. How many times have you found yourself after a break up telling yourself, “Maybe I’m not good enough?” When that in fact is far from the truth. You’ve allowed the expectation of love to. overrule your self worth to the extent you feel undeserving or in fact blames yourself when you did nothing wrong. So, now ask yourself, how would you have felt if you in fact loved yourself. Would you still beat yourself up? Probably not.

Gaining self love allows you to gain strength, will, and joy. The more love you have for yourself, the more you have to give out. And others will appreciate you for that, including yourself!

You are good enough, you’re worthy. The lesson of self love is a long and hard process but the rewards of it are worth the journey. Continue seeking peace and power. You control your happiness.

-Caylin Danielle

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