That one time aliens totally invaded my morning commute

Google “Stargate SG-1”

I like to consider myself a logical person. I’m a realist, but secretly I’ve got this serious relationship thing going on with all things sci-fi. I mean I would think that some of my friends would actually reevaluate our friendship if they knew I watched Stargate SG-1 religiously while it was on. That was like high school; maybe middle school. Umm, I mean, if you even know about Stargate.

I’ve also got this thing for space (Pluto 4Eva), so when I was browsing the Top Charts in Podcasts, I totally geeked out when I saw The Message.

The Message is a podcast about cryptology and life beyond Earth. How could you not be intrigued! I’m all in! Nicky Tomalin and the Cypher Group are tasked by the government to decode an authentic alien message. SUBSCRIBE.

Since I was caught up on Limetown and Night Vale, I needed a new podcast adventure for the week. How did I not hear about this Message. Umm, people, the government has released an alien communication! Am I the only one excited? How is this not in the news? This is incredible!

I started the first episode as I was getting ready for work. Wow, this is really good. I can’t believe the goverment could keep this a secret for so long! I’m hooked. I download the next episode and walk to the train.

First episode ends. I can’t contain myself. I play the next episode immediately. Oh my, they are actually going to play the message for us in this episode. Nicky and the team are pulling me in from every direction as they sift through data in an effort to confirm the validity of the message. They’ve got me so wrapped that I hardly notice I’m gripping the grimmy bench seat waiting for more answers.

Finally the recording of the message. I’ve never heard something so creepy in all my life. I feel like Jodie Foster in Contact. I listen a couple of times. I’m convinced we are not alone!

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my boyfriend of this amazing story. I’ve been forcing him to re-watch all the seasons of The X-Files in anticipation of the new season. I like to think we are Mulder and Scully.

We aren’t home a minute when I get my phone and make him listen to the message recording. We listen. We talk. I say, “I have to Google this.”

Wikipedia. Click.

The Message (Transmission 7–21–45) is the name given to a fictional transmission that is being investigated in the podcast.

Wait..what? Fictional? As in not real? I..I..I can’t believe this.

It was all a lie. I had tricked myself into believing that we weren’t alone, and a team of cryptologists were actually hired by the NSA to decode an alien communication. This is rock bottom, ladies and gentleman.

I have come to the point where I would take anything, or be a part of anything, just to escape the reality of my morning commute to Manhattan.