Interview with Kristina Fateeva, CAYN 2011 alumna from Turkmenistan

Kristina Fateeva is a FLEX and KIMEP alumna, who currently works at US Embassy in Ashgabat. Before moving back to Turkmenistan she worked in a travel agency in Thailand. She told us about her experience of living in South-East Asia.

Kristina, it’s been three years since you graduated from KIMEP and went off for your adventures in Thailand. What have you been up to since then?

Upon graduation from KIMEP I moved to Thailand for two years. Working for a tourism company I had a chance to travel a lot. For example, I backpacked through Laos and Cambodia. I also helped my friends to set up English camps for local schools.

How did you land a job abroad as a recent graduate from a Central Asian country?

I would say use all possible resources that you have: people, Internet, job hunting websites, LinkedIn, social networks (there are a lot of groups with people either searching for a job or offering it). On the websites of major companies there is always a career section and through them you can send your applications. The best way is to start with an internship and start accumulating work experience as soon as possible.

Why did you decide to return to Turkmenistan?

The main reason was my family. I thought I had been away for too long and decided to terminate my work contract in Thailand earlier.

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