Precious Peace…

Not strictly a story, but I wrote this to the classical music that plays at the end of Platoon where Willem Dafoe is shot to death — this is a poem lightly based on the music score. This is my first piece on here so I’m both scared & eager to hear constructive thoughts on the piece. Thanks for reading!

Standing together, yet so far apart
Their anger strong and feverish
Its efforts a whirlwind to engulf
His anger was toxic, threatening to devour his mind and soul

But, his love for her was all-consuming, a challenge to his angel
Destruction was its goal
They turned to each other as one
His anger, alive inside of him, writhed and fought with all its might

But, finally abated, and he imprisoned it deep inside
Reaching out his hand,
He drew her to him, her head resting upon his chest.
Peace relaxed her into him, until….

A thought, a murmur, false hope seemed to plunder her thoughts
Pride in herself was destroying herself
She felt her scream rise up from within
Becoming deafening

But, then
A pause
A few seconds in time

Gentleness wrapped itself around her
Warmth embraced her heart, warming it to a glow
Her vicious words and anger were released onto the wind
A fervour enveloped her and
Subdued, she rested her hand and his onto her stomach

Unheard and unfelt, this new voice inside her grew stronger
Forcing them to hear its displeasure
Commanding their protection, its heart a sublime mix of them

It kicked up a storm
But, finally, exhaustively there was peace precious and hard fought for
Their lives anew to begin

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