David Dang’s Story

Right off the bat, David and I discussed who we would like to have as a dinner guest if we could choose anyone in the world.

David: “Hmm. Who do I want as a dinner guest? I guess, I want somebody famous, maybe like Barack Obama just cause he’s hard to get a dinner with. So it’d be really cool. I hear he tells a lot of jokes.”

David’s response showed me that he values humor in interpersonal relationships, and if he had a chance to talk to someone famous, he would prefer someone who could keep him engaged in a conversation and make jokes. David would be able to feel more relaxed speaking to someone with a sense of humor. Even if it was a serious discussion with the president on certain government policies, the atmosphere would feel lighter and not as tense when speaking to an individual like Barack Obama. David loves living a relaxed lifestyle, and if he was famous himself, he would love to be famous for a random, crazy accomplishment such as those listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

David: *sighs* “If I was famous, I’d want to be famous in, like, a funny way. Not like a comedian, but more like world’s greatest, like, something completely random like World’s Greatest Human Vacuum or something no one would expect me to be.”

David is always very relaxed, so he needs time to prepare for formal events such as phone calls for work to sound more prepared and professional. For him, a perfect day would include a family vacation with his friends and family in the morning and hanging out with his friends at night being wild and crazy. When asked how he thinks he is going to die, David says, “Pretty sure I’m gonna die by like a car accident. I’m a really reckless driver.” He is definitely a free and wild character. When side what he is most grateful for, he explains that he has a deep respect for his parents who love him even if he expresses a bad attitude towards them on occasion, and he loves them all the more for their efforts.

David: “I would have to say I’m grateful that my parents can tolerate with me. I’m really annoying sometimes. Disrespectful. And I don’t really listen. But they, like, tolerate me and still love me, and I’m pretty grateful for that.”

David wasn’t always a relaxed and wild, thrill-seeking individual. He grew up in Chicago in his grandma’s home for four years and then eventually moved to Chicago where he currently lives. He has two older siblings in college: one brother and one sister. He is very close to his family and hangs out with them on the weekends. He has a very When he was younger, David played a wild variety of instruments including the piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, ocarina, and the calculator to name a few. When he was in eighth grade, his passion for music wasn’t as strong but he still tried to learn new music that interested him. In high school, David no longer plays any instruments. As he puts it, “That’s the story of my life. I’m a lazy guy.”

David Dang is sometimes lazy, sometimes wild and crazy, but always has a good heart. He may regret not doing music anymore or taking up other hobbies, clubs, or classes, but there are also experiences with his friends that he cherishes as well. Let’s wish him the best of luck in the future (and hope he improves his driving, for his sake).

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