She walked through the dark, empty hallway. The smell of death surrounded her. Just as she turned around, her head slammed onto the ground. Her body was filled with a cold, lifeless sensation as she lost control of her body. As she tried to struggle free from her assailant’s iron grasp, she noticed the shadows dancing and flickering across the walls, seemingly mocking her every move. Taking a deep breath, she mustered all of her strength and broke free, but there was no one behind her. It was just her alone in the eerie blackness with an infinite void stretched ahead of her. Suddenly she remembered it. A word. A name. Echo. The name sounded familiar and warm, but trying to remember the name brought shivers down her spine. It’s too early to stop now. She erased the thoughts from her mind and stumbled through the dark passageway until she came upon a worn, rusted door bolted shut. Without thinking, as if she had done the same thing hundreds of times before, she inputted the password 53815 into the keypad, the numbers corresponding to Echo in the alphabet. At first nothing happened, but suddenly the door flared to life, creaking open steadily. A fierce blast of sand burst through the door and almost knocked her off her feet. She quickly grabbed onto the door, nearly scraping her hand on a sharp, rusted nail if it wasn’t for the crescent-shaped artifact in her hand. It was black and lifeless, making it seem like just an ordinary stone. She got up and walked out into the free expanse, but the desert sun beamed ferociously down on everything below. Struggling to even keep her eyes open, she eventually collapsed unconscious into the sand.

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