The Human Body (that’s you beautiful)

Take the time to understand that a crap load of work that is taking place right now to keep you breathing and staring at your screen.

Take the time to understand the beautiful architectural design of your form, millions of years of evolutionary tweaks and changes to get you where you are now. Trust me, you are worth the effort. No part of the body is ever truly useless (except male nipples because wtf, but I have heard that some men can feel sexual stimulation from them but I weirdly digress). You are a functioning human, be proud. That crooked nose, lopsided smile, own the hell out of it because it’s all you. You are an enchanting palace of bones, muscles and organs 💖.

Take the time to understand that you are a world within itself. You have the capability to form universes on paper, create new entities on canvas, manipulate sound through instruments at your will, you can weave your own reality one thread at a time. You are a marvoulous thinking machine that can sometimes put too much pressure on itself and sometimes not enough. Build yourself up, but not to the point where your own bulk is weighing you down. Don’t let yourself down, but if you do just realize that you’re worth the effort of getting back up.

Take the time to understand the intricacy of your emotions. They are the vibrancy of your smile and the suffocating depression of your tears. They are what drives most of us insane but the strength to control them, to make them your bitch, is what we live for. To find the balance between manic emotion and frigid logic is the challenge everyone faces, so don’t think you are alone. Don’t shut out, don’t hide, don’t close up because then you will prove your own solitude.

You are never alone because on this blue marble, among the 8 billion walking bodies, some if not most are dealing with similar problems. Your life is precious, your being is valued. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, if they feel that way then that’s just one person to cross of off a list of 8 billion potential relationships.

You are not a diamond. Yeah, they are shiny but why be that when you can be steel or copper? Why, when you can be molded, built up and changed into any form you see fit? Diamonds stay on rings, steel gets to peer over the world in the shape of skyscrapers. Be you, love you because you are a human body full of potential and capability. You are worth it.

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