In color imaging, metamer mismatch bodies are an important concept for quantifying metameric failure for a change in observer or a change in illumination.

This post discusses an open source Python implementation of the paper A Simple Algorithm for Metamer Mismatch Bodies’ (Centore, 2016). The paper is notable for providing a clear psuedocode and matlab implementation of the algorithm, making it more accessible than ever before.

I hope to further the accessibility trend by re-implementing the algorithm in Python 3 and SciPy. You can dive right into the code here.

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snippet: invocation of python function

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Polychrome Pass

Denali National Park is a 6 million acre preserve centered on Denali, the 3rd most prominent mountain in the world. It’s truly wild, there are only a handful of small managed trails and one road in the park. You can hike into the Denali back country and experience a world seemingly uncorrupted by people; large animals roam freely and there are no campsites or other infrastructure beyond the road.

Or so I’m told — I didn’t actually hike into the back country, I went on a 4 day bikepacking trip along the park road with my friend Marji. …

This is a short visual description of computing a 2D affine transformation using a single matrix multiplication step, something that requires a bit of dimensional trickery. I’m trying to get better at check-pointing my math knowledge when I figure things out.

Say you have a bunch of points in two dimensional space (R2) and you want to translate (shift) them by 2 on the x axis.

You could formulate that with vector addition like so:

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There’s a problem though, shifting all points to the right also means that your operation is going to shift the origin [0,0] to the right. …


Chandler Abraham

Idaho not Iowa. Formerly @twitter, now I do space stuff. #RWEN

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