The Three Types of Trump Voters
Dave Pell

Clearly, those who have worked in coal for generations know the dangers better than anyone. Those, the people who work for Carrier, should all be genuinely retrained. Perhaps a tax on offshoring that requires(!) real college level courses in coding, welding, or another type of employment where we see good jobs go begging instead of don’t let the door slam you in the ass-type response?

Trump has been bankrupted, he hasn’t been an NYC Liberal in decades (believe me because I am an NYC Liberal). His siblings, included the NJ judge, paid his bills. He is far from a successful business person. No one in the main stream media has pointed out that his steaks, magazine, water, etc. are all fake, his name is only a brand on almost all of his commercial properties, and he’s made so many incestuous comments about his daughter that most people wouldn’t let their own daughters near him.

So, many of us do not enjoy watching him, reading about him, thinking about how easy it is for racism to pop back into the open. It’s always been here, I’ve never stopped seeing it on trips to Georgia. My parents retired there, and had the grace to politely reply to comments that were meant to unfurl their enjoyment of their new home.

How about real education, how about acknowledging that 81 degrees F in winter in NYC is dangerous, how about a real safety net and retraining for those who are rightfully worried about food and shelter?! Trump gives us none of that.

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