You’re Invited to my Blender Reveal Party!!!!

A Cuisinart CBT-2000 or Vitamix A2500, which will my blender be?

For: Exciting news! 37 minutes ago I took an “What did I order on Amazon” test and learned I’m receiving a blender — and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Come help me celebrate impending blenderhood before I lose all chances of sleep (Haha! You other appliance owners understand!!!!)

When: Delivery is expected this Saturday between 12:00 and 5:00pm. Follow tracking number LK006693954US.

Where: Mi casa, a.k.a, my bachelorette pad is about be turnt up for a whirlin’ good time!

Details: We’ll play blender reveal games “Pin the Lid on the Blender”, “Guess Its Weight” and “How Many Attachments Were Included.” There’ll be a competition to see which couple can clean up a smoothie mess the fastest and we’ll vote on a name. WhizzyMcWhizzface, The Crusher, or Mama’s Margarita Maker — you decide!!!

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I’m spinning with excitement!



PS- Wear the color you think my blender will be: gunmetal grey or dark stainless steel.