Hi there, today we’ll be making reusable input components, Please note that I’ll be using the vuetify input components, other UI frameworks should work the same or quite similar. Even with the stable release of Vue 3, we’ll be using Vue 2, due the reason that all there UI Vue frameworks are still in the process of integrating Vue 3 into their Framework, hence why it fails when try adding vuetify to Vue.

Be sure you have the Vue CLI installed. If not, execute the follow command in your terminal.

npm install -g @vue/cli

So let’s just set up our…

Today we’ll go into setting up a quick RESTful API using JSON server, It’s honestly one on the fastest ways to set up a server, it’s quite handy when working on small projects. So this tutorial would be perfect for those working on small portfolio projects or even code challenges.

We’ll jump right into it, Please do NOTE that this tutorial will only focus on setting up a backend, so we won’t have any client. I will be testing http requests using POSTMAN.

First let’s create ourselves a folder where we’ll handle our code. …

v-for looping for beginners, Learn the basics looping in vueJS.

To easily follow this tutorial, feel free to use Codepen or CodeSandBox.

To start off create you index.html file aswell as a main.js file

In your html file start of with the default template, by typing an exclamation mark into your IDE(I’m using vscode), a good alternative is Atom or Webstorm.

Chad Bosch

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