I’m glad you found some value in this, but I definitely get where you’re coming from. I think that the problem isn’t with CBD and what we don’t know about it necessarily.

It’s that there’s so many different types of medications out there, with tons of synthetics that are unnatural to our bodies. I’m not against modern medicine, as I know it has uses, and I think there could be some genuine and good intent behind some of these meds; however, introducing a foreign substance to our body is always risky, and most of us have definitely taken more than one type of prescribed medication.

While prescription meds may help with the condition it was created for, they can have all kinds of side effects, with many we aren’t even aware of or could even be aware of because the substance never existed before. On that note, it’s pretty much impossible to understand the full impact of how this can affect our bodies, let alone how they will interact with CBD. Every medication we take adds another level of unknown and complexity to the mix, which is why it’s always best to find a natural alternative. Based on the research that’s been done, it seems that CBD can be that alternative in many situations.

CBD enthusiast, passionate writer, and Editor in Chief at CBDOrigin.com―the CBD community’s leading digital publication and online knowledge base.

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