The Power of Routine. Day One

Everybody says it’s important to have a routine in order to accomplish great things. This seems obvious and yet I have not been able to implement routine into my life (aside from ordinary necessities), and I always seem to rush to the next crisis or get bogged down in something that’s secondary and not necessary or helpful. I love leisure time and do not believe that “every minute should count” but having a game plan or end game, to use metaphors, is superior to spending the day reacting.

So my first decision regarding routine will be to get up earlier. How early? I decided 6 am. Now for many people 6 am is child’s play, but I stay up late most nights so 6 am is hard for me. I did get up at 6:33 this am. Not bad for somebody who usually gets up at 7:30. What did I gain from that? I made a better breakfast for my kids and had a fun conversation with them before they left for school. Made these French Toast Bites for them. They loved them. Showed appreciation ❤ I didn’t eat any, though, because another routine/habit I am engaging in is to avoid sugar!

List of wins: Read John 8–10 in Bible, made and ate turkey tetrazzini — consumed no sugar today whatsoever (amazing if you knew me), started an abs exercise program, started with my kid on our first Russian lesson (, had a friend and her two boys over for coffee, volunteered at a prison this evening, did other boring but necessary stuff.

So my Day One was a success in that I have the start of a routine in mind and in practice. This routine will allow me to do more and accomplish piles more useful activities than before.

This will get better and better. I’m so excited!

My new water bottle for exercising. Bought it from an army store. Second hand, dented, tough.
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