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Another way to make excellent compost is to produce Biochar, It can be produced by the anaerobic burning of manure. In the burning process, there is fixation of CO2 into the Biochar that is then added as a soil amendment to the soil thereby burying the fixed CO2

A Biodigestor can be used to burn the manure. The Biodigestor can be powered by an Engine Generator that runs off Biogas generated by the anaerobic burn of biomass. An Engine Generator that is powered by internal combustion and directly produces electricity could be used to power the Biodigestor. Such an Engine Generator could be powered by biofuels such as levulinic acid (produced from high cellulose plants as Switch Grass —, natural gas generated fuels as methane and propane and other bio- and petro-fuels at a 2X BTU per burn efficiency rating.

An Engine Generator that directly produces electricity from internal combustion does not need a battery to store electricity, thereby obviating the production of an environmentally unfriendly agent to store electrical energy.

A direct electricity producing internal combustion powered Engine Generator running off biofuels that can be down-scaled to power a house, car, tractor trailer…..etc would allow for the decentralization of the Grid down to a very local level.

If, in rural areas, such an Engine Generator was implemented using electrical cooperatives AND the lines used to mesh-network mini-grids also contained information transmission capabilities AND the Biochar was used as a soil amendment for facilitating production of “healthy crops” as brocolli, purple sweet potatoes, blue potatoes, garlic, onions, black rice, black carrots, purple cabbage, blue corn, argula, spinach, tumeric, Buckwheat honey……etc AND there were training programs in local schools to produce personnel who could manage this combined mesh-networked system (energy + information) there could be produced a collaborative entrepreneurship set of community Systems (with a capital S) that would keep wealth in the local community and finance more than adequate health care, preventive services, emergency management, local and distal transportation & communication, decentralized manufacturing (down to the 3D Printer level) AND agricultural PLUS overall farm AND ranch safe productivity that has local and distal impact.