New Year, Same Me, Just Making Small Improvements

I hear a lot of people say the saying, “New Year, New Me,” and I believe it is safe to say that we all have.

I’m not a supporter of this saying though. People change. Just not at their core. We love to think, but not take action, and I am guilty as well.

James Altucher has mentioned the 1% that we can improve every day, to progress in life. He talks about the compounding effects of improving 1% a day, in any quality of your life, and it puts perspective on realistic and achievable change that can be made in one’s life. 1% a day is something that I can get behind. 1% a day is something that we can all get behind. And it’s not daunting.

I have the tendency to go from 0–100. I don’t stop to consider the small steps necessary to properly achieve a goal, and so I will burn out. The idea of simply focusing on improving a small percentage a day, turns the idea into an action that is easier to take, than shooting for 100% increase in a couple of weeks and burning out.

I will focus on the baby steps I tend to overlook, instead trying to make leaps. So far, so good. I simply track the small improvements I make each day, and it’s a little dopamine release for my brain too. It’s also easier to track the little improvements, and feel good, than tracking one large attempt and constantly feeling down about not seeing any major results right away.

James Altucher thank you for the insight into a simple way to look at a future with personal improvements that are longer lasting, and easier to sustain. I’m looking forward to a fantastically enhanced 2017.