Our dreams change over time but do they remain our own?

As a kid, we are open minded to the world and pure in our thoughts. We aren’t as aware of what others think about us and we don’t care nearly as much either. We feel like we have all the time in the world. Remember how long the wait felt before the next vacation? Or even just waiting for the next playdate with your friend from school? Waiting all day in class, counting down the minutes before school got out. Summer break would seem decades away, and dreams felt endless. You had your whole life ahead of you, you didn’t really have to know anything or make any decisions other than what sport to play and what you wanted for lunch. I went through many different dreams and aspirations as a kid. I wanted to be a professional tennis player, a pro skateboarder, start a skate/surf shop, and then after watching the show Entourage I wanted to be an agent in Hollywood.

At a young age, you can dream about anything you want, and state your dreams proudly without too much judgement being passed from any adult that you told them to. You can puff out your chest, put on your adult voice and look them in the eye telling them that you were going to go to space, and they would smile and say, “sure kid.” This is all you need to walk away with a smile and a pep in your step.

As we get older, and experience more in life, we gain experience. As we gain experience, our dreams shift and change. We are taken more seriously, and are presumably expected to know exactly what direction we want to take our lives in by the age of 18.

If we don’t have everything together yet, we pretend to, by making up what it is that we want to do, and how we are planning on getting there. As we get older, and gain perspective, we seek to be wanted, needed and to fit in. This is a slippery slope because it can be easy to lose ourselves in the search for fitting in. The hunger for self discovery can result in the loss of thy self.

I am finding it ever more important to reflect on myself, my direction and my personal dreams. At 24, I am becoming very aware of my strengths, and my weaknesses and how to use both of those to my advantage. With this enhanced sense of self awareness, comes a certain responsibility, to cypher through my dreams and determine which one I can make the biggest impact following.

I am getting closer to something big and can feel it. I love it. This feeling is something I think everyone can and does feel once they spend enough time just being honest with themselves about what they want to be, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Once you start to just be yourself, and not what you have been trying to be for those around you, then a positive feeling fills you which you can harness and charge into the world with. It is that moment, when you become you and people will then follow.

Set the example for people to feel comfortable with their dreams. We can all help people do this, by not judging anyone if they want different things than us, and hey you never know when their particular skill set and creation can help you with yours.

Charge on and dream on, it’s time to just be real.