Would we be more aware of our externalities towards the sea if we could measure our impact?


These days in which many have had a lot of time to think about projects we would like to create and develop, I decided to return to an idea I imagined some time ago combining sea exploration with conservation.

UX Architecture:

Seayoutomorrow is divided in two main categories:

  • A menu with info about the reason behind the project (Why Seayoutomorrow), how to join forces in the action (practical things you could do in order to protect the sea) and #Seayoutomorrow, the social media community that gathers photos with that hashtag that users can reference in order to communicate matters related to the sea and its sealife.

The experience:

Taking profit of the scroll down design, the user will dive deeper and deeper as he/she continues scrolling and answering questions required to measure their impact.


What’s next:

The next big step in the development of this project is to establish technical standards in the measurement of the individual impact. Something I will achieve by gathering and studying scientific papers and statistics.

Product Designer based in Madrid (Spain)