Zip archives can now be downloaded using all our SDKs & CLI

In July we announced the general availability of the new Zip Download APIs. Today we’re happy to announce that support for Zip Downloads has arrived to all our server-side SDKs and CLI.


Starting with version 2.6.0 the Box CLI now supports downloading a Zip using the box files:zip command.

Java SDK

Starting with version 2.49.0 the Box Java…

The File Request API is now available

A new collection of APIs are now available that allows developers to create and update File Requests. We’ve updated the reference documentation and added some new guides to help you manage your file requests.

Box File Requests give developers a fast and secure way to request files and
associated metadata from anyone. Using a drag-and-drop graphic
interface, a developer can create a web form that enables them to:

  • Securely request files from anyone, no matter whether they have a Box account, without adding collaborators on a folder.
  • Solicit additional information with metadata form fields, which you can set as required/optional.
  • …



1. 10種類のRSSフィード





Java SDK:
Windows SDK:
Python SDK:
Node SDK:
Box CLI:
UI Elements:

上記のRSSフィードは、お気に入りのRSSリーダー (Feedlyなど) に追加できます。また、以降で紹介する他の統合機能への入力として使用することも可能です。

2. Slack




RSSフィード、フィルタなどの機能が組み込まれたBox Platformの新しい変更ログをリリースしました。今回のBox開発者向けドキュメントポータルのアップデートにより、Box API、Platform SDK、BoxのフロントエンドUIライブラリに関連したリリースノートの最新情報をさらに簡単に入手できるようになります。


  • 1つのフィードですべての情報を入手。APIの更新情報だけでなく、Java、Windows、Node、Python SDKのほか、CLIやUI Elementsの更新情報も併せて提供されるようになりました。
  • 便利なフィルタを使用して、リリースノートを自分が関心のあるエントリだけに絞り込むことができます。例えば、フィードを「影響度の高い変更」で絞り込むと、それに関連した情報だけが表示されます。
  • すべての変更に関する組み込みのRSSフィードと、新機能、影響度の高い変更、個々のフィルタに関する独立したフィード。これらのRSSフィードは、変更に関する最新情報を入手するのに最適で、お客様に最もご活用いただける機能になります。SlackやMicrosoft TeamのRSS統合機能を検討することを強くお勧めします。
  • ブラウザ内通知により、前回のアクセス以降の最新情報を確認しやすくなります。ドキュメントポータルに最後にアクセスした後のリリースを簡単に確認できるようになったほか、新機能を知らせる通知機能がドキュメントポータルの上部に追加されました。

A few weeks ago, we announced the new Box Platform developer changelog as the best place to stay up-to-date with changes to our API, SDKs, CLI, and more.

In this post, we want to take you through six easy ways to get automatic notifications of any new updates.

1. RSS feeds (10 of them!)

By far the simplest way to stay up to date is via RSS. We’ve added 10 different RSS feeds to our developer changelog, including a feed for all changes and feeds for each of our SDKs, CLI, and more.

Copying an RSS feed

To access an RSS feed, head over to the developer changelog, and in…

With the release of version 2.6.0, the Box CLI now supports the use of a proxy to access our APIs. Proxy support has been a much requested feature, as it allows a user to access the Box API on a network where access to is normally prohibited.

To set up the CLI with a proxy, provide the URL of the proxy (including its protocol and port), as well as your proxy username and password.

$ box configure:settings \
--proxy-url=socks:// \
--proxy-username=YOUR_USERNAME \

New Box Platform changelog notifications

Today, we’re happy to announce the new Box Platform changelog with built-in RSS feeds, filters, and much more. This update to our public developer documentation makes it easier than ever for Box customers to stay up to date with any release notes related to the Box API, the Platform SDKs, as well as Box’s front-end UI libraries.

The new changelog comes with an exciting array of new features.

  • All the information in one feed. …

The Zip Download API is now available

Starting today, a new collection of API endpoints are available that allow a developer to create a Zip archive containing a list of files and folders. The ability to create an archive via the API has been a much requested feature and it allows platform customers to combine a collection of files and folders and share them directly with their users without having to download the files via an intermediate server.

Creating a Zip archive

To create a Zip archive, a developer would provide our API with a list of files and folder identifiers.

We’ll be hosting the next free live Box Virtual Summit on April 9th, 2020 at 9am PT (11am CT, 12pm ET) where we will take a deep dive into why working together shouldn’t be hard.

As part of the summit there will be two talks dedicated to Box Platform where we will be taking a look at Getting started with APIs for admins as well as a session that will take a look at Using the Box API through Postman.

You can register for the free summit here. This link will also give you access to the recorded sessions at…

Box developer documentation update

In the past few months we’ve been working hard to improve not just the look-and-feel of our developer documentation but also the content. With that in mind we recognized a few gaps in our documentation and prioritized those guides to be added or updated.

In our most recent update we launched over 65 guides and 3 quick-start guides.

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