Made to Order Rubber Extrusions: A Brief Product Introduction

Rubber extrusions are used for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications within the rail industry, such as noise and vibration dampening, Light Seals and Gaskets, HVAC Gaskets, Interior Door Seals and Instrumentation Covers.

Here we look a few of the most popular extrusion products required by the rail sector that can be manufactured to the exact specifications of customers:

Made to order solid EPDM Rubber extrusions (EN45545–2 compliant)

All EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber extrusions must be independently tested and certified by leading fire test laboratories to conform with EN45545–2 legislation. These EPDM products are also tested and approved against National Standards DIN 5510–2; NF F 16–101, BS6853 & UL 94 V-0.

EPDM Rubber extrusions are available in 60 shore A hardness in a cloth finish and are capable of withstanding environmental wear from Ozone, UV, rain, and frost. These applications are also resistant to corrosion, moisture, salt, and light fuels.

Made to order Silicone Rubber extrusions (BS6853 & EN45545–2 compliant)

Because Silicone Rubber extrusions are highly-customisable and available in various profiles, they can be used for a wide range of bespoke requirements. The unique properties of Silicone Rubber extrusions mean they are commonly used in high temperature sealing, door sealing and for general gasket applications.

For use in the rail industry, all insulation materials must be EN 45545–2 compliant, meeting the European standard for fire protection on railway vehicles. To comply with EN 45545–2, Silicone Rubber materials must behave in a certain manner when exposed to fire and high temperatures.

Made to order Silicone Sponge Extrusions (EN45545–2 compliant)

Available in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes, closed-cell Silicone Sponge Extrusions are capable of resisting temperatures from -60 °C to 250 °C and include the EPDM sponge & Neoprene sponge ranges.

Like all Silicone Rubber products Sponge Extrusions have an excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation, and weathering in general.

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