Learning the Principles


This is an older piece I wrote up a couple months back and just found. I was studying biomechanics in preparation for a certification as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. However, my degree is Business Administration and I have little science background from college. As I dug deep into the section of my strength and conditioning book, the topic of biomechanics got to be quite complex. This led me to start searching on YouTube for videos regarding a basic understanding of physics so I could apply these principles to grasp biomechanics more in depth. You must understand basics before you understand complexities. Studying biomechanics is difficult without a complete understanding of physics. I can grasp it but would be more comfortable with it if I had a better concept of the foundation of physics to build upon. This is quite basic. We all know the way the education system is set up. They gradually prep you in the first two years of college with general education topics and then they strategically progress your coursework.

But, this then brought me to a parallel to life. Are physical, mental and emotional well being the foundations of life? We must have a complete understanding of these areas within ourselves if we want to be successful at playing this game of life. We are continuously being tested and can run experiments of what works and what doesn’t, learning through these experiences of how to be more successful at managing oneself. People who are trained in these areas might appear to do better in life than those who are misaligned in any of these areas. Once you have better understanding of yourself on all three of these topics, and not perfection but rather acceptance, you can manage your wellbeing. This could be beneficial to help you become more successful in the complex picture, of understanding your life.

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.