I love the color you picked for your identity, but what is that logo?
Roman Lemov

Thanks for asking, Roman Lemov! No offense taken at all. We spent a lot of time with our fantastic partner, Grizzly, on our identity. For us we felt like the mark represented some things in a subtle way that we really liked. Bear in mind these are my thoughts on it , the branding write up is much more eloquent:

  1. Structure and solidness — which we feel ties in well with property management and our ability to give confidence to our customers.
  2. Even / balanced shape — which we feel alludes to the fairness we try to give to all parties involved in the rental industries (owners, renters, and vendors)
  3. The triangular shape matches the shape of the original chalet style buildings, which are simple and have a very triangular, larger roof.
  4. It reminded us of mountains, which a lot of people associate with chalets.
  5. Because of the mountain, there is also this idea of an upward trend, which we really liked connecting with growth in your life or investment.
  6. And if you look closely, there is also a “C” right in the middle :).

We also wanted to stay away from the traditional “house” style that you often see in real estate related marks. There are some beautiful logos with those, but we felt like it would be much harder to really own the mark with something that blended in there.

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