What’s that one thing you would do for free?

If you know your answer, that’s fantastic.

But I’ve realised that this discovery process of “the thing you would do for free” is the hardest part.

I love solving puzzles; finding solutions to problems. And that’s why I love customer support so much, listening to folks trying to put a solution together using products and I just love doing customer support.

I’ve realised over a period time, how much I love and obsess about customer support for a reason. And thankfully, I now belong to a tribe that also obsesses about that.

It has taken only about 15 years for me to come to this conclusion. :)

Maybe, that one thing will evolve into something else over time too; and I think, that’s okay.

Bill Watterson, apparently endured 5 years of rejection of his comic strips. And he kept at it. Realised, he actually enjoyed it so much, that he would do that for fun; not the reward.

That’s a brilliant article, I just finished reading it. Go ahead; read on.

What’s that one thing that YOU would do for free? Have you discovered it yet? :)