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Have you ever got an immunization or have had kids that have gotten immunized? Do you wonder why we need so many? Are you up to date on your vaccines? Do you not get vaccines at all? There is something that makes humans wonder if putting injections in our body will hurt us or save us. 60 years ago, doctors could count on their hands the amount of vaccines children received. In 2015, we need multiple hands to count how many vaccines children acquire from the time they are born to age 18. Luckily, we have eliminated many diseases, decreased hospital admissions, and deaths by using all of these vaccines. I believe it’s important that children stay up to date on their vaccines for the safety of themselves and others.

When children go to the doctor’s office, parents usually have more than one concern about vaccines. Questions related to vaccines and autism have been a trending topic on the web. I recently had a phone interview with Joseph Kurland, who is currently employed as the vaccine specialist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and has spent many years studying infectious diseases. He states there is no link between autism and childhood vaccinations and, “It is becoming clear that it has to do with the wiring of the brain and how connections are or are not being made” (Kurland). He believes, “There has been a lack of trust in government. People that are against vaccines won’t believe research findings regardless of what the data says” (Kurland). Alexandra Stifferlin, from the Time Inc. Network, makes the point that seeing celebrities say no to vaccines also plays a role in parents decisions to not vaccinate their kids, “Most infamously, Jenny McCarthy has espoused her anti-vaccination position because she believes vaccines are full of toxins and cause autism” (Stifferlin).

Injecting your child that is only months old with vaccines is frightening; especially when there are scary side effects. It is crucial that doctors, nurses, and other administration help answer questions and be an advocate for children because they can’t advocate for themselves. Though we have eliminated many diseases, there are still children not getting vaccinated. This leads to accidental exposures in schools, public, and healthcare facilities. Today the problem is the reoccurrence of disease that were basically wiped out in America. One example from Alexandra Sifferlin, found in New York City alone measles have resurfaced, “as many as 19 cases have been confirmed” (Sifferlin).

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At the beginning of my 16 week school semester, I was told to ask a question to research. My question was, “ Should parents vaccinate their children?” Though my unbiased research, and interview I found that getting vaccines are the smartest way to prevent diseases and one of the easiest ways to save lives.

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