Steve Jobs named Apple Apple because he was on a fruitarian diet. He came back from a retreat and thought it sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.” No one else on his then-small team could come up with something better, so they went with it.

It’s counterintuitive to name a sophisticated tech company something so natural and simple. …

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Once upon a time, in a decade called the ’90s, you were either hot or deep. Rarely both. If you were one, people would doubt your capacity to be the other. Especially if you were a woman. You’re pretty, you must be dumb. Probably rotten too. You’re smart? Then you’re a sexless nerd and one wants to go out with you.

Luke Perry’s death got me thinking about the shifting relationship between ethics and aesthetics. That this man was an icon of my youth, and why, is not up for debate. Nobody didn’t like the guy. And everyone agrees it was because he had an extremely rare combination of grab-your-ankles good looks and hot-woke sensitivity. …

Here’s how I shop. I go into a chic, expensive store in Los Angeles or New York. I try on a small selection of items, then walk out. I wait a few days, sometimes weeks, and see what haunts me. If I can’t stop thinking about a certain piece, I go back and buy it.

And so all my clothes are ghosts. I am host to dozens of garment-souls who won me over, not by unconscious force, but by alignment with my spirit. …

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