#1. Plastics are not all they’re wrapped up to be

My Story…

Hi There! My name is Clare, I work in London and live here too (yeah!). I LOVE this city, the buzz, the markets, the music, the food (nom nom).

I decided to start 2018 with a new challenge. Be more P.E.Teetotal (see what I did there??) and go cold turkey on plastic things and find alternatives. I do not want my takeaway coffee cups to be causing havoc on this planet longer than I am! The sad truth is that plastic will be here a lot longer than all of us.

So, what brings me here? (the girl who doesn’t even know how to tweet!!) Well, a computer hugger I love to hug, told me to get on this so HERE I AM!

Why all the fuss?

Back in November I got back from a once in a lifetime holiday in Brazil. With Christmas knocking on the door and a bank balance depleted by caipirinhas, I decided an easy way to save would be to skip buying coffees every day. And that was my moment.

My eyes were opened to how much single use stuff I buy in to and spend money on and it set my mind spinning!

Small changes are the best thing you can do.

So I have started on my quest…and it’s been a month already and because I have already learnt SO MANY tips and tricks and made simple changes which now feel like common sense, I want people to know how great it feels to do this.


#shopping basics

After a dire first meal on January 2nd (see below) my first tip is to make time to go shopping!

Although nonsensical plastic is everywhere, so far, I am a long way off starving (below), although a few firm faves are now off limits (crisps and marmite — because of the lid). But, <massive perk> my neighbour thinks I’ve lost weight and I explained that all I’ve done is cut out plastic. ‘I didn’t realise plastic is so fattening!!’ — he said.

For now, I just need to not mind the confused looks I get from check out staff as my fruit and veg, bread buns etc go rolling and tumbling down to the converyor belt. And luckily, London is already AWESOME and there are lots of people making it EASIER to be GREENER. My saving graces for January were:-

Milk and More — milk deliveries in London and in many areas in the UK. Nothing has been more nostalgic than coming home to a peeking milk bottle at my front door. I’ve opted for a twice a week delivery of organic semi-skimmed milk — and after tea binges I am able to order in extra — perfect! http://www.milkandmore.co.uk

Whole Foods (High St Kensington) I was searching for divine coffee and was given a tip off about the caffeine here. It is like a pick and mix counter for coffee lovers where you can sniff out your favourite beans and grind them up in store (surprisingly fun!) The coffee packs into brown paper bags which make everything smell AMAZING! https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list/uk

Earth Natural Food (Kentish Town) is a new favourite because it has PASTA, OLIVE OIL, CHEESE and other yumminess which you can pop straight into your own containers. I spotted a refill station for Faith in NatureShampoos and Conditioners and Ecover refills (laundry detergents, washing up liquids) earthnaturalfoods.co.uk

As Nature Intended (Chiswick branch). I spied a promising bulk section but I was there for cleaning products. At the back of the shop are boxes of Ecover products (Laundry detergents, fabric conditioner).Whoop fresh clothes! asnatureintended.uk.com

This is by far the most enjoyable thing to learn to live without. It’s already been so much fun. Thanks for reading my first ever story… :) clare

Living more with less (plastic) in London since 2018