“It is only a plastic bag” — said one trillion people in the world last year.

You can do this too.

Find your closest ‘green’ shop

Growing stuff is a simple trick to cut down on single use plastics. For a lot of the year I have made an effort to buy fresh unpackaged veg and herbs… or gone without.

A savvy idea to try if you’re keen on upcycling and cutting down on plastic waste. This was my computer huggers idea to get delicious food to his dad who was missing home cooked food. Genius!

1. Follow the recipe for 100g of pasta – (see #12. Plastic free…PASTA).


There is a big difference on those hungry nights when you have to make do with unpackaged goods in a typical supermarket. …

I write about how I am trying to live this year without plastic… even when on holiday in Cornwall.

I was utterly stunned when I looked closer at a beautiful blue ‘painting’ I’d been admiring from my seat in a Cornish restaurant in St Mawes.

It was this wonderful abstract collection of bold blues under a simple glass pane and white frame, that caught my eye. …

I can now be less of a hairy Clarey without my v blunt razor or £££ waxing. I have a solid reusable option :)

I discovered Mutiny Shaving Co on Anything But Plastic. Going directly to the Mutiny Shaving Co website, I was able to order just the razor, blades and an orange and lavender soap for £13.99 (I didn’t need the shaving brush).

I’ll build up the courage to hone my shaving skills as it all looks slightly more edgy than my normal blades! Eek! All in the name of saying no to disposable plastic. #jointhemutiny

Pret A Manger offer 50p off if you bring in a reusable cup. If you’re hungry their toasties are delicious and come in fully recyclable paper bags. Yum and Phew as I’m off to work and forgot to have some tea!!! They also sell some cool water bottles and reusable cups.

Pret Toastie and my reusable cup

Shopping with a wheelie case to avoid carrier bags

I’ve not replaced my pillows since I moved in 5 years ago and these were brought up from home (so were very old). …

I am pleased to say we have made a next Little step to help us cut down on what we need to buy from supermarkets.

With a bit of help from Mum, Flora and some lovely weather here in London… we have planted some herbs in the flower bed. Flora swears she will be chief waterer. I am on pest duty… just looking up how to stop the slugs and snails from eating our herbs before us.

Whoop! We are hoping the Mint, Basil, Coriander and Parsley take a leaf out of the weeds book and grow out of control in our garden – one less thing to buy!

CB Plastic Free

Living more with less (plastic) in London since 2018

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