What GrowthLogic’s Founder, Chad Blenkin is doing to outpace other digital agencies in the race for growth.

Asked how GrowthLogic came to one of Canada’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, founder Chad Blenkin said his team practices what they preach, put skin in the game, don’t hide behind vanity metrics and focus on bringing cash in the door — “We’ve had no choice, being bootstrapped, but there’s no smarter way to grow”.

I started the agency a short while ago from my basement without any funding, venture capital or safety net. All I had was a computer, a cell phone, and a few hundred dollars. Not only was I entering a highly-competitive industry but there were already thousands of digital marketing agencies in the market. To grow GrowthLogic, my team and I have used the same direct-response marketing principles that we offer clients — and our record growth is proof that these principles work.



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Chad Blenkin

Hello, my name is Chad Blenkin. I’m an entrepreneur, marketer and founder from Saskatchewan, Canada. https://linktr.ee/chad_blenkin