From Russia, With Oil
Yonatan Zunger

Alison Rosenberg has several more facts that have been previously reported. However, these additional things have been reported. Can you verify them? I thought it was Deutsche Bank that was the large lender to Donald Trump, rather than a Cypriot bank. The former chairman of Deutsche Bank is now working for Wilbur Mills’ Cypriot bank. He resigned in the wake of a scandal about Deutsche Bank being involved in laundering Russian money. And, one of the guys that owns a stake in Wilbur MIlls’ Cypriot bank is the same Russian oligarch that overpaid Trump for his Palm Beach mansion. And, right at the time that the Russian oligarch overpaid by $40 — $50 million for Trump’s mansion, Trump was in a lawsuit with his lender Deutsche Bank over a $40 million payment.

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