The New and Improved Steemit, Create Breaking News Together!

CBNT V.S. Traditional Media

Comparing CBNT to traditional media platforms, there is really no comparison. Being open-sourced, decentralized and transparent, CBNT represents what blockchain projects should stand for. Not only this but CBNT is implementing many unique innovations that will drive the project forward.

When people first hear of Create Breaking News Together, they first think about how similar it is to Steemit. This is true in many regards. However, there are a few key differences we would like to point out.

The primary differences are monetized advertising, 100% revenue benefits to users, and access to the Chinese market. You can think of CBNT as a newer and improved version of Steemit! CBNT has updated the user token mining model and has taken it a few steps further. CBNT will offer monetized advertising, 100% revenue benefits and will later operated as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). With all of these innovation being implemented, CBNT will be paving the way for future blockchain projects.

Remember, you can earn CBNT tokens by producing content, liking, commenting and more. Please follow us on our social media accounts to learn more.

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