The idea of a “hard spoon” has been teased by various Ethereum projects for a couple years. Comos first introduced the term in 2017, and OmiseGO resurfaced the idea again as a maybe April Fool’s joke in 2018. While the concept of a “hard spoon” can be defined a few different ways, we will focus here on a single, narrow definition as it relates to tokens:

“A hard spoon occurs when two or more tokens from two or more projects, protocols, or blockchains merge together to create a new parent token, or “Spoon Coin,” which inherits the utility and properties…

A simple interface to connect your meToken with your ENS domain has been added to Now your community members can invest in you simply by sending ETH to your StakeOnMe.<YourDomain>.eth address. Instructions below.

Accessible dApps with ENS

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the most user friendly ways to interact with Ethereum smart contracts and wallets today. ENS allows for anyone to register a human readable name, which can be used in lieu of the intimidatingly complex, default hexadecimal addresses.

For example, with ENS, if Bob wants to send Alice some ETH, he can just use Alice’s domain name instead of her full-length…

Born out of the Great Depression, the notion of self-issued credit was pioneered by alternative monetary theorist, E.C. Riegel, as a means to insulate one’s self from collective economic downturn. His idea — formed in the decades proceeding the most significant decline of GDP in our nation’s history — was that productive entities (individuals and businesses) should learn to create their own money instead of relying solely on centrally-issued fiat.

“It is a remarkable fact that no constitution of any state, nor any declaration of human rights, has ever proclaimed the right of freedom of money issue.” — E.C. …

While attempting to fix a minor bug, we discovered our contract upgradability failed to confirm for meToken Instances due to the tx hitting the block gas limit. Individual meTokens have been redeployed and re-collateralized with the operating funds of the meToken project team members. Users can now use StakeOnMe once again. Functionality for DAOs is temporarily disabled.

What Happened?

In the first week of launch, a number of users and community members reported on the fact that meToken names were not registering correctly on Etherscan or in many of their favorite Ethereum wallets. …

meToken is a new primitive that allows Aragon DAOs to create thier own currency, which we call “Synthetic Labor.” An Aragon DAO’s meToken can be used to pay for DAO services by external community members, and it can be used as a speculative financial vehicle for investors. meTokens are designed to create new revenue streams for Aragon DAOs and to assist them in discovering market-fit for their operations.

Coordination with Aragon

Aragon is one of the most popular DAO frameworks in the Ethereum ecosystem today. Its tools are designed to empower individuals with the ability to self-organize in unstoppable ways. …

These are immediate steps you can take to prevent further damage. Please note: this post is Gmail specific. However, many element may be applicable for similar SIM Port Attacks.

Table of Contents

  • Symptoms
  • What to Expect from the Hacker
  • Steps to Reduce Current Damage <GO HERE IF EMERGENCY
  • Steps to Prevent Further Damage
  • What to Do in the Aftermath
  • How to Make Sure this Doesn’t Happen Again


  • Your phone no longer has carrier service — you cannot make phone calls, send/receive text messages, or connect to your carrier’s data. You should still be able to connect to WiFi.
  • You’ve been locked out of…

By injecting True Ownership into blockchain-enabled video games, game studios no longer have to compete for the attention of players in traditional ways. Studios can generate revenue even when players aren’t playing their games.

Make no mistake, developers build games to make money.

We all have a little Wario in us. Even game developers.

And there is currently only one way to make money: compete for players’ attention. This is a very basic problem that every studio understands. Designers build addictive gameplay mechanisms to attract new players and sticky economics models to keep existing players from leaving.

Try as they might, game makers will never succeed in achieving a perfect retention…

Introducing concepts of Decentralized Intellectual Property, or #DeIP

There’s an exceptionally pervasive theme within the blockchain gaming and NFT community that if (A) we begin to tokenize digital assets in our virtual worlds, like video games, then (B) somehow it will lead to a future that looks something like Ready Player One’s “The Oasis.” The problem is: there is a major gap between these two ideas, and nobody has provided a roadmap for how, why, or if this could actually happen (let alone if blockchain should even be involved).

This post is an attempt to outline such a roadmap.

Somehow true ownership of virtual items leads to a crazy virtual reality future… But how?

Mass Exodus


And this time he brought a friend: Bufficorn!

The Bufficorn is the tried and true mascot for all Rocky Mountain #BUIDLers. Attendees, hackers, mentors, volunteers and organizers of ETHDenver 2019 can play Plasma Dog with the limited edition Bufficorn Skin!

More Viable Plasma on Rinkeby

The newest version of Plasma Dog is now running live on the first ever public dapp deployment of More Viable Plasma.

Who Did This?

Plasma Dog was created by Hoard as a proof-of-concept of our free & open source Software Development Kit which is set for release in Q2 2019. The SDK will allow any game developer to seamlessly integrate Ethereum and Plasma into their games without having prior blockchain knowledge. …

Brief Summary of the Book

Half biography-autobiography, successful husband, father, friend, and businessman, Peter Barton, implores the help of writer, Laurence Shames, in documenting the last months of his life after he is diagnosed with a terminal stomach cancer. Coauthored by the two young men, Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived is an intimate illustration of a man in understanding of his capstone life lessons. Humbly, Peter, makes no grandiose attempts at life's big questions. His story is personal.

How I Picked This Book

I am an avid subscriber of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. On episode 79, Tim hosted Chris Sacca, Silicon Valley venture capitalist. One topic…

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The affirmative of reduce friction is "Heighten Harmony." Let's build something together. #bitcoin #ethereum

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