People Ops at Mesosphere!

Hello People Folks!

We’re Mesosphere, and I’m looking for someone to help us bring in solutions architects and sales engineers who can work with customers who will be using our datacenter operating system, which is fairly sophisticated. Our clients would be similar to those of VMWare, Cloudera, Hortonworks, etc.

We’re located in SF (moving to 2nd and Market soon), and would prefer to find someone to work onsite with us before considering remote candidates.

Looking forwards to connecting with some great recruiters out there! We’ve got a great team of 3 so far, and are actually looking for a recruiting coordinator as well as a head of people-ops too!! This year we’re growing from ~40 to more than 130, so it’s sure to be a fantastic voyage.

Please do reply directly to me or apply to the job links above.


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