Flying the nest

So, it’s official, I have left the nest as they say. I packed up my stuff, worked some car packing magic, drove for nine hours (including a four hour ferry) and moved into my new residence.

Did I not mention my new residence is in another freaking country? Apparently when I move I go all out, admittedly it is only Ireland and at least they drive on the same side of the road and are part of the European Union, but hey one step at a time. It’s still a whole new currency, a whole new language (which makes no sense, my new Irish friend even admitted that), a whole new way of life.

Why Ireland you ask? (you probably didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway), I moved here to study Cyberpsychology, a field which is so new that only one college in Europe produces a MSc in it, sure a few colleges in America do, but that would be even more hassle and as I had no definite decision to even undertake my Masters this year, moving to Ireland was the easiest option.

I have to admit this is not my first move, but going to University is more of a transaction phase than properly moving out, going to University meant I was only a train ride away from home and my mother paid my rent. Here it’s my name of the lease, there is no guarantor who if I forget to pay my rent get a nice reminder from the accommodation owners, no 24/7 security.

If I want to stay in Dublin I am in charge of my expenses (I’m learning how to budget and produce a spreadsheet as I go). I have to organise going home for a week maximum due to work commitments rather than having an automatic month off where I get to not worry about food shopping or heating bills. I have to book flights and actually keep track of my passport; which so far has not gone well.

I am petrified but also so very very excited about what these next two years will bring, then who knows, I may get the moving bug and never stay in one place for too long.

Tomorrow is my registration at my new course so bedtime is calling.

More stories when I have the time, which currently I have a lot of, providing my course is only every Saturday and Wednesday evenings, and I currently have no job.

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Much love.

Over and out;


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