My Fellow Romanian Founders,

You’ve been told that building a startup is hard, one of the most difficult things you’ll probably do in your life, that 1 out of 10 succeed and, still, you’ve embarked on this journey. It’s 1% luck and 99% hustle, they say… Except, today it became much harder. 10X harder.

You might be in the 1%, but if you’re not, like the rest of us, read on.

As I’m writing this letter, in the studio apartment I rented in Montreal through Airbnb, I can’t help but think that just 10 days ago I was in Romania planning my meetings with clients, partners, and investors. …

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A few weeks ago, a dispiriting headline popped up across the web: “Nearly Half Of All ‘AI Startups’ Are Cashing In On Hype” wrote Forbes, “40% of ‘AI startups’ in Europe don’t actually use AI” published The Verge.

The claim was extracted from a statement by David Kelnar, head of research at MMC Ventures, which had just released an encompassing report called The State of AI 2019: Divergence.

The 150 pages report features extensive and in-depth observations about the current evolution stage of artificial intelligence with its many ramifications and nuances. …



Co-founder & CEO at MorphL (Techstars ’19) | On a mission to helping 10,000 companies with AI adoption | Love to play 🎾, squash and 🏓. #givefirst

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