Securing, Governing, and Protecting Your Office 365 Investments

SharePoint Conference 2019 Slides and Resources

Thanks again to everyone that attended my session yesterday at the SharePoint Conference. As promised, below are the slides, resources, and screenshots from the session.

  1. Slides
  2. Demo Screenshots and PowerShell Script
  3. Privileged Identity Management
  4. Office 365 Groups Expiration Policies
  5. Access Review
  6. SharePoint Online Limited Access Policies
  7. Secure Score
  8. Compliance Manager
  9. Office 365 Audit Log Search
  10. Microsoft Cloud App Security Policy Templates
  11. Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Workshops
Chris Bortlik (@cbortlik)

Written by

Works for Microsoft as a Principal Technical Architect at the MTC in Boston, MA. Author. Speaker. Blogger. Husband. Dad.

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