“Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.”
The Etymology Of “Feminism”
Michelle Potter

I love this quote and I love Emma Watson.

I have met a lot of girls that have not identified themselves as feminists because of the misconceptions about the overarching meaning of the word and the goals of the movement. I’ve heard arguments like “I don’t want men to think I hate them or want to be superior to them,” and “some women in the world are still the property of their husbands without the right to an education or a career.” I couldn’t disagree more; A) feminism ISN’T about hating men, and B) feminism is needed to help those women that are still subjected to the worst kinds of gender inequality!

That being said, I also think feminism hasn’t been given a real succinct definition, which is probably why it causes some confusion. In another class I’m studying feminist political theory with the help of feminist writer bell hooks, and she argues that saying feminism is about the end of gender inequality is far too broad. She reminds us that class and race also affect social inequality, and that since not all men are equal to each other because of class and race, how are we supposed to know which type of men we should be equal to? She instead defines feminism as “the end of sexist oppression.”

Anyways, I really like your article!