Volkswagen Polo Vivo Advertisement

This Volkswagen Advertisement begins with a professor explaining a math equation which has no solution. He realizes a student has fallen asleep in class; he calls his name to get his attention. The student panics searching for an answer, and glances at a number eleven football jersey. So the student repeats the answer to the equation is eleven. As the professor is going to correct him he realizes there is an answer to the equation; and this student who was not paying attention gave the correct answer. The professor is ecstatic, and shares the answer with all of his colleagues. The number eleven allows the several scientists to launch a rocket, teleport, and travel in time. The commercial ends with crowds of people surrounding the once sleepy student. He soon after drives off in his Polo Vivo where anything is possible. This advertisement intrigues the viewers with the need for prominence. Viewers who strive to be admired and respected will want to purchase this product. This advertisement also follows the studies of Carl Jung; demonstrating you will receive a positive experience with the Polo Vivo.

The first thing that stood out to me was the placement of the advertisement. When the student is in the classroom the camera is angled neutral, however, once he is exiting the building the camera is angled looking up. This technique makes the student the main focus. His surroundings of shorter people also make him look superior. This advertisement, like the majority, expresses Carl Jung’s theory of positive experiences. Volkswagen made this student the hero of his own story. The viewers also get a sense of prominence. The story line infers that with this luxurious product they will be admired and respected. These choices are effective because they link positive messages with their product, and express a desire for luxury.

It is clear that the target audience for this commercial is college students. At one moment a student may be falling asleep in class, and the next driving off in a luxurious Volkswagen vehicle. This effectively promotes the product because college students can relate to the scene. A particular student may be in a similar situation, and want to have the same effect on people. This funny advertisement does the trick because even if you’re struggling in class you can still look good by guessing and driving a Volkswagen.

Overall, this commercial shows that with their product you can be admired. Even if you are a mediocre student you can still achieve a higher ranking in social status. Drive Volkswagen because anything is possible.

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